When you have clogged drains and you need a trusted professional drain cleaning plumbing contractor, First Response Plumbing and Drain will be there!


It’s easy to take a trouble-free plumbing system for granted. You expect that when you turn on the water to wash your dishes, take a shower or do your laundry, it will drain quickly and smoothly. And most of the time it does.

HIGH PRESSURE WATER JET DRAIN PIPE CLEANINGUnfortunately, after years of use, residue from grease, debris, dirt, soaps and hardened scale builds up on the inside of your pipes. Add tree root infiltration, rust, corrosion and stress fractures from freezing and thawing to the rapidly shrinking pipe and you’ve got trouble.

Often an electric drain snake will be used to clear any obstruction and provide a quick fix to the problem. First Response Plumbing and Drain LLC. can provide a long-term solution and peace-of-mind for years to come.

High-pressure water jetting is an innovative process that pumps ordinary water with up to 4,000 pounds of hot or cold water pressure into your plumbing system to remove build-up and debris. Specialized equipment, hoses and nozzles are used to swiftly direct the water flow along the inside length of the pipe and scrub away tough deposits, calcification and even stubborn tree roots or other obstructions.

Rotating jetting tips fan out along the pipe wall, move forward and backward and restore the system to its original diameter. Controlled water pressure is hard on contaminants but won’t damage your sewer system.


Left untreated, debris build-up can contribute to cracks and breaks in your sewer pipe. Also, extended use of chemical drain cleaners can compromise or deteriorate the pipe. Hydro-jet cleaning can add to the life of your system and possibly eliminate the need for expensive pipe replacement.

High-pressure water jetting can also provide health benefits. Cleaning out waste and contaminants will remove the areas where harmful bacteria can grow. Decaying food and grease often produce noxious fumes.

A thorough cleaning will return sink drains to their former, odour-free state. Better water pressure and flow are also pleasant byproducts of a clean plumbing system.